Cacao is incredible, why on earth would you roast away all the goodness?

We source our chocolate from the best Ecuadorian cacao farms, and we like to keep it raw. Why? Because we want to retain its natural superfood goodness - that’s why our chocolate has six times more flavanols than regular brands. At Ombar, we treat our chocolate like the health food it is, so we only use 100% organic, all-natural ingredients like unrefined coconut sugar, real fruit, and live cultures.

Research continues to demonstrate the health benefits of eating dark chocolate - and raw chocolate is even better. Some raw chocolate can be bitter and grainy, so we’ve worked hard to create an award-winning product that’s creamy, smooth and indulgent. It’s the chocolate you can feel good about.


Why do we use whole dried fruits and fruit powders in Ombars?

June 14, 2017

Ombar raw chocolate bars with natural dried fruitWe’ve always used all-natural, unrefined ingredients in our delicious Ombars. These include the natural whole-fruit powders and dried fruits that are used to flavour several of our bars, including Blueberry & Açaì, Strawberry Mylk, Goji Berry, Mandarin, Lemon & Green Tea and Centres Raspberry & Coconut. Read More
Double Chocolate Donuts

June 09, 2017

Double Chocolate Donuts with Ombar 72% Chocolate

We've got another recipe from Niki Webster of Rebel Recipes... Double Chocolate Donuts! She's gone for the full chocolate hit on these delicious donuts: made with raw cacao and dipped in Ombar 72% Cacao chocolate.

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