Meet Mira Manek + Coco Fudge & Chai Flapjacks recipe


Mira Manek is a healthy Indian food pioneer whose name is making waves within the food industry. She is working with restaurants like the Holborn Dining Rooms and 108 Marylebone on healthy breakfast offerings and her range of products and chai spice mix are served at various cafes including Detox Kitchen and Raw Press. She uses Ombar in her Spice Bites and various other recipes that can be found on her blog.

Here we have featured Mira’s Coco Fudge & Chai Flapjacks infused with chai spices and topped with her favourite Ombar Coconut 60% Chocolate. These are the perfect winter warmer and great for on the go or snacking at your desk. Enjoy!


Makes around 20 pieces


160g coconut oil

200g chickpea flour

200g dates

60g oats

10 walnuts

½ tsp cinnamon powder

½ tsp cardamom powder

½ tsp ginger powder (optional)


35g Ombar Chocolate (Mira uses Ombar Coconut 60%, but any other flavour is just fine too)

1 tsp coconut oil



  1. Start by melting the coconut oil in a large pan, then pour in the chickpea flour and stir. While stirring, warm the dates in a separate pan so they melt easily when added to the chickpea flour and coconut oil mixture. Leave aside.
  2. You will need to continuously stir the chickpea flour mixture for around 15 minutes until the mixture starts to thicken and you notice the colour change very slightly from yellow to orange/light brown. You can now add the warmed dates and stir them until they melt. The mixture need not be entirely smooth. Now add the oats, walnuts, cinnamon and ginger powder, and stir for two more minutes.
  3. Lay the mixture in a flat pan or baking tray and let it cool. To make the chocolate topping, place the chocolate and coconut oil in a bowl, immerse the bowl in a pan of hot water and let the chocolate melt. Once the flapjack is cool, spread a thin layer of the melted chocolate and place in the fridge for at least 10 minutes or longer before cutting into square pieces.